Who we are...

Shift-It are manufacturers of products specifically designed to clean motorcycle helmets, visors, clothing, and the bike itself. They’re made, as we say “by bikers, for bikers”.

As bike riders ourselves, we understand that when you’re using our products, you want rapid and effective results. Our helmet products are small and portable, designed to quickly remove all insects and road grime, resulting in a clean, streak-free and smear-free finish. Our helmet range is suitable for all helmets and visors, including those made from polycarbonate, carbon fibre, Kevlar and fibreglass. Each product is biodegradable and has a neutral pH, a requirement of all helmet manufacturers.

Unlike other brands, the range is not just adapted from car industry products, as there’s a huge difference in the types of plastics and polymers used. All our products are specifically created for motorcycle helmets and visors and are non-abrasive and environmentally friendly.