About Us

In 1994 Shift-It became the first company in the UK, and possibly the world, to produce a product specifically designed to effectively clean motorcycle helmets and visors. It was developed after one of the directors had been touring Europe in a hot summer when he was having the usual problems with insects and general road grime collecting on his visor. On his return to England, he put an idea to the company's chemists - to produce a product that could be used to quickly and efficiently clean all types of helmets and visors without scratching or smearing. Considering the complexity of modern helmets - including the use of polycarbonate, carbon fiber, kevlar, fibreglass and the combinations of these and other composites - it was no small task.

The product requirements were: 

1.  It must be suitable for use on all helmets and visors (polycarbonate, kevlar, fibreglass etc.) 

2.  It must have a neutral pH (a requirement from all helmet manufacturers) 

3.  It must be non-abrasive (some cleaners, such as washing-up liquid, can contain salts) 

4.  It must not streak or smear 

5.  It must quickly clean and de-grease all insects and road grime 

6.  It must be environmentally friendly 

7.  The finished product must be small and portable. 


After several months of trials and tests, they produced the product known today as Shift-It Helmet & Visor Cleaner. Since its inception, it has become a trusted and essential part of many bikers' accessories including professional helmet technicians, motorcycle police, race teams, training schools, couriers and the general public alike, from this has  grown a range of products specifically produced for motorcycle riders and their bikes, a range that continues to grow with new and improved products - products which are not simply taken from the car industry and tried to adapt them to the motorcycle trade, where there is a huge difference in the various types of plastics and polymers used.

Shift-It has constantly resisted the attraction to move production abroad and are proud to state our products are still “Manufactured in the UK” but we are also a business enthusiastically geared to supplying those top quality British products to support the motorcycle industry, we believe this close relationship with the trade and UK bikers has brought about a knowledge of what “bikers really need” it has also kept Shift-It as the professionals choice in helmet care products throughout the UK and Europe.

At Shift-It we do not manufacture products other than for the motorcycle trade, we have not only worked hard with many leading helmet manufacturers and distributors, but also our raw material suppliers, and RAPRA (Europe’s leading independent plastic & rubber consultants), to ensure that all Shift-It products are suitable and safe for their intended use, to ensure that we are not only supplying what the motorcyclist wants, but also what the retailer wants, and needs to generate constant and continued sales, products that are extensively tried, tested and manufactured, just the way we say they are: "BY BIKERS FOR BIKERS"